I recently ordered a mystery pack from Girly Bits Cosmetics, which includes three full-sized nail polishes and one mini nail care item of your choosing. The polishes in these packs are usually prototypes, unreleased colours, oopsies or limited edition over-pours. You can specify your preference for colour and finish, but there is no real guarantee on what you’ll receive. For the nail care item, I chose scented Frazzle Fixer cuticle oil.

I’ve purchased mystery packs before from a handful of brands and stockists, but have always found at least one item in the mix that just wasn’t my taste. Well, as someone relatively new to Girly Bits, my love for this brand grew beyond measure after receiving this mystery pack. The Frazzle Fixer came in a scrumptious Pumpkin Spice scent, which is perfect timing as we head into fall. The three small batch prototype (SBP) polishes are vibrant, unique and have amazing formulas. Each colour achieved opacity with an easy two coats, no fuss.


Final Countdown, the only named polish in this pack, is a SBP from June 2016. This polish has a fine silver holographic base with multi-coloured glitter in a variety of shapes and sizes. The bigger pieces of glitter are dispersed well throughout the polish, so they don’t overpower the silver base. This one is definitely a stunner in the sunlight.


SBP 1310 has a holographic pastel blue base with pink and blue holographic glitters. This polish is packed with ultra fine glitter, and while I achieved the best coverage with two coats, you could easily get away with applying only one coat.


SBP 1311 is probably my favourite of the three polishes and will be getting a lot of use this fall/winter. This polish is difficult to describe and even more difficult to capture on camera. The deep blue base has a multi-chrome feel to it, as it shifts between a purple, pink and green iridescence, with a holographic finish and tiny fuchsia flakes scattered throughout.


If you’ve been on the fence about purchasing a mystery pack from Girly Bits, I hope this helps you decide. I know I’ll definitely be ordering more of these in the future.