For today’s Indie Appreciation Week post, I decided to do a nail art method I’ve been wanting to try for some time now. Hairspray water marbling is similar to regular water marbling, except you spray the polish with hairspray rather than using a pointed object to make the design. The hairspray cuts through the polish and produces a cool abstract design. I decided to layer multiple colours for this look, so I used Steel City Reflections‘ Sun Bleached Bones as my base, Beyond the Nail‘s Supernova, Asteroid and Comet for the marbling, and Cuter Cuticles‘ Cutie Guard to help with the cleanup.

First, apply the base colour and let it completely dry. I used Sun Bleached Bones from Steel City Reflections, which is a satin white with a hint of shimmer. This polish can be opaque with two coats, but I love how it looks sheer, so I only applied one coat for this manicure.

I find it easiest to water marble one nail at a time, so I applied my Cutie Guard from Cuter Cuticles around my first nail only. Make sure to cover at least half way up your finger because polish tends to get everywhere when water marbling.

Add a few drops of the first polish colour (I started with Asteroid from Beyond the Nail) into a small dish of water. If your water is too cold, the polish will harden, so make sure it’s at least room temperature. Once the polish has spread out in the water, spray with liquid hair spray (not aerosol), and dip your nail into the polish faced down. Use a q-tip to remove excess polish from the water before pulling your nail back out. Repeat this step with all other polishes.

After layering all three colours, there is quite a mess of polish around the nail. At this point, peel off the Cutie Guard to reveal wonderful, clean skin – no cleanup required. Repeat this process on each nail and apply a top coat once dry.

I really love how this manicure turned out. Although time consuming, I find hairspray water marbling to be a lot easier than regular water marbling, so I would definitely recommend it to beginners.

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