It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of The Avengers, and I’m obviously a big fan of nail polish as well. Whenever I see a chance to combine two of my interests, I’m all over it. This past month I had the opportunity to purchase a nail polish collection inspired by the latest blockbuster hit, Avengers: Age of Ultron. By the way, if you haven’t seen the movie yet, do so now. I just watched it for the second time this week and it really is amazing.

IMG_1222 wm
The Assemble Collection was created by an indie polish maker, Sassy Polish and Scrubs, and includes nine polishes. The polishes are made to order and shipped to me from California, so it was a long three weeks waiting for these beauties to arrive. The wait was totally worth it, because when that box showed up at my front door, I was amazed by the glory it held. Each polish in this collection perfectly embodies the character it’s named after.

America’s Hero

IMG_1341 wm
Inspired by Captain America, it’s no surprise that this polish is filled with red, white and blue glitter. The shimmery blue base goes on a little bit streaky at first, then becomes opaque with a second coat. Putting on a third coat doesn’t seem to add any more depth to the glitter, so I’d say two is ideal. This polish has a nice shiny finish on its own, but a topcoat helps to smooth out the texture from the glitter.

Billionaire Powerhouse

IMG_1374 wmIMG_1377 wm
I’ll admit, Iron Man isn’t my favourite Avenger, but this polish sure is beautiful. The iridescent pearl base is solar reactive, changing to a cotton candy pink in the sun. The pink is a little spotty with only one coat, so I’d recommend two or three coats to get a more vibrant pink. The placement of the red and gold glitter also improves greatly when further coats are applied.

Throwin’ The Hammer Down

IMG_1363 wmIMG_1365 wm
Another solar reactive polish, this Thor-inspired colour has a smoky white base that almost looks silver. Sun exposure changes the base to the perfect periwinkle blue, which complements the blue and red glitter quite nicely. This polish provides great coverage in one coat and dries to a nice satin finish.


IMG_1291 wm
This neon Hulk polish is my absolute favourite, with a green jelly base that’s filled with purple glitter. The jelly base gives this polish so much depth, especially when two coats are applied. The finish is a bit dull, so I definitely recommend using a topcoat to boost the vibrancy of the green and give it a bold, glossy look.

Bad Ass Bombshell

IMG_1351 wm
Inspired by my favourite Avenger, Black Widow, this polish is a metallic, copper-toned red with fine black glitter and a touch of holo. One coat is enough to get full coverage, and you don’t have to worry about smudging your nails because the polish dries very quickly.

Straight Shooter

IMG_1357 wm
This gorgeous Hawkeye-inspired thermal, filled with violet holo glitter, is dark purple when cold and a deep pinky-purple when warm. The polish is very sensitive, so it began changing colours as soon as I had it on my nail. One coat provides good coverage and greater thermal contrast, while two coats deepens the shades and doesn’t give as much thermal contrast.

Witchy Ways

IMG_1385 wm
The intricacies of the Scarlet Witch’s character are well represented in this dark grey-purple duo chrome polish, and just when you think you understand her, night falls, and your nails glow in the dark. As much as I love the look of Witchy Ways, I don’t love the formula. The polish dries a little too fast, and becomes tacky and difficult to work with. Luckily, the formula is thick and opaque, so just apply one quick coat and be done. If you don’t have enough polish on your brush, or if you try to go over a spot again, you’ll have a tacky mess on your hands. If you prefer a second coat, just be sure the first one is completely dry before adding to it.

Quicker Than Quick

IMG_1329 wm
I’m a total sucker for blue holo and, coincidentally, I’m also a sucker for Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who plays Quicksilver in the film. True to character, this holo topcoat is a blur of blue, white and silver. Although it’s a topcoat, the polish can also be worn on its own, ideally with two or three coats. I love how this looks over white polish, and will probably be putting it over a holo silver polish in the near future.

Human Extinction

IMG_1272 wm
And finally, the star of the film and this collection: Ultron. This breathtaking polish contains red and holo glitter, and can be used on its own or as a topcoat. Whether you wear one, two or three coats, the formula goes on smooth and provides perfect glitter placement. The polish looks incredible over black and, quite frankly, will look great over any other colour as well.

This was my first purchase from Sassy Polish and Scrubs, and I’m quite impressed with the quality. There are at least four polishes in this collection that have become part of my usual rotation. Every colour looks fantastic and, with the exception of Witchy Ways, the formulas were all super easy to work with.

Final score: 9/10