Month: September 2015

The Canuck Box #1 Pre-sale is Live!

Head to our shop now to order the very first Canuck Box, featuring seven talented Canadian indie brands. Quantities are limited, so don’t miss your chance. Pre-sale ends September 18th or when we’re out of stock. Boxes ship out October 13th.

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Canuck Box #1

In only a few days, the first ever Canuck Box will be available for pre-sale right here on The pre-sale will run from September 8th at 12pm est until September 18th at 11:59pm est. There will be a limited number of boxes available, so don’t wait too long to order.

The boxes will ship out on October 13th and will contain seven products from a variety of Canadian indie makers. All products in the box will be full size and will include exclusive scents and some Halloween-themed items. Brands being featured in this first box are Blacklace Cosmetics, Cuter Cuticles, Midnight Hour Beauty, MTL Creations, My Nails Did Vinyls, Nail Experiments, and Steel City Reflections. The value of the box is $55, but you can get all these great products for just $40.

If you haven’t already, you can also enter our Instagram giveaway to win a Canuck Box for free. The giveaway ends Sunday, September 6th at 11:59pm est (that’s tomorrow night!), so don’t miss out!

Not ready to purchase a Canuck Box just yet? Don’t worry, Canuck Box #2 will be available for pre-sale at the end of October and will feature even more amazing indie brands. Follow @wemblore on Instagram to keep up with all the details.


Hairspray Water Marble

For today’s Indie Appreciation Week post, I decided to do a nail art method I’ve been wanting to try for some time now. Hairspray water marbling is similar to regular water marbling, except you spray the polish with hairspray rather than using a pointed object to make the design. The hairspray cuts through the polish and produces a cool abstract design. I decided to layer multiple colours for this look, so I used Steel City Reflections‘ Sun Bleached Bones as my base, Beyond the Nail‘s Supernova, Asteroid and Comet for the marbling, and Cuter Cuticles‘ Cutie Guard to help with the cleanup.

First, apply the base colour and let it completely dry. I used Sun Bleached Bones from Steel City Reflections, which is a satin white with a hint of shimmer. This polish can be opaque with two coats, but I love how it looks sheer, so I only applied one coat for this manicure.

I find it easiest to water marble one nail at a time, so I applied my Cutie Guard from Cuter Cuticles around my first nail only. Make sure to cover at least half way up your finger because polish tends to get everywhere when water marbling.

Add a few drops of the first polish colour (I started with Asteroid from Beyond the Nail) into a small dish of water. If your water is too cold, the polish will harden, so make sure it’s at least room temperature. Once the polish has spread out in the water, spray with liquid hair spray (not aerosol), and dip your nail into the polish faced down. Use a q-tip to remove excess polish from the water before pulling your nail back out. Repeat this step with all other polishes.

After layering all three colours, there is quite a mess of polish around the nail. At this point, peel off the Cutie Guard to reveal wonderful, clean skin – no cleanup required. Repeat this process on each nail and apply a top coat once dry.

I really love how this manicure turned out. Although time consuming, I find hairspray water marbling to be a lot easier than regular water marbling, so I would definitely recommend it to beginners.

REMINDER: Canuck Box #1 pre-sale begins this coming Tuesday, September 8th at 12pm est, right here on You still have time to enter the Instagram giveaway to win a free box as well, so check out my account (@wemblore) for details on how to enter. Contest ends Sunday, September 6th at 11:59pm est.

Review: Cuter Cuticles Mani Bombs and Cuticle Oil

Tonight’s Indie Appreciation Week post takes us back to when I made my first indie purchase. It was a time when my weekly manicures were increasing in frequency, and I found myself changing polish every 2-3 days. All that acetone took a toll on my nails and cuticles, and I was desperate for a fix. That’s when I discovered Cuter Cuticles and placed my very first order. Now, almost a year later, Sammy’s handmade cuticle oils and mani bombs have become a necessary part of my nail care routine.

As you can see, my nails and cuticles get pretty dry after a round of swatching and mending a cracked nail. But don’t worry, Cuter Cuticles can save them!

This Sweet Tarts Treasure Bomb is ready to drop into a bowl of warm water. Treasure bombs are a bit more special than regular mani bombs because they have a surprise hidden inside. Who doesn’t love surprises?

The bombs fizz up and release an intoxicating scent. I honestly can’t say which scent is my favourite because there are just so many to choose from and they all smell divine.

Now just soak your fingers and relax. Be sure to wear at least a clear coat of polish if you plan to soak for more than a few minutes – too much water can be damaging to your nails. This is also a good time to search for the treasure if you used a treasure bomb.

After soaking for a few minutes, slather on some cuticle oil and enjoy your treasure. This smiley face ring was the perfect treasure, as it complements my happy, healthy cuticles.

MTL Creations Swatches: Bill, Apple Crush and Adilyn

For day two of Indie Appreciation Week, I’d like to share some gorgeous polishes I received in my A Very Canuck Swap box last week. Kayla was so generous and gave me three polishes from MTL Creations.

Bill is a shimmery blue jelly that actually becomes relatively opaque with three coats. I’m usually not a big fan of jelly polishes on their own (I prefer using them for nail art), but I love this shade of blue and was pleased to see it build up easily.

Apple Crush is my favourite of the three, as it’s the perfect warm, shimmery red, without being orangey. The formula is a dream and only required two thin coats.

Adilyn is a charcoal grey creme with fine silver glitter. It goes on completely opaque in two coats and is the perfect cold weather colour.

I’m really impressed by these polishes and will certainly be adding more MTL Creations to my collection in the future.