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Angelic Makeup Look

One of my assignments in class was to create a makeup look that is inspired by or complements an accessory. Each of us brought in accessories, placed them all in a bag and then blindly pulled one out. I pulled out a floral headband, which reminded me of an angel, so I set forth to create an angelic makeup look.

I used very light, shimmery eyeshadow and kept the brows as natural looking as possible. I wanted to create an intense glow, as if from a halo, so I used plenty of highlighter on the cheekbones, nose and forehead, and light pink blush on the cheeks. I also used a nude-pink lip liner with a silver gloss on top.

Editorial Makeup

I had the pleasure of creating this editorial makeup look on my model twice: both for a test run and during our in-class assignment. I went with a lighter lip for the final look, which I think suits the model a bit better, and also blended the eyeshadow a lot more. For the shadow, I used Savage and Urban from Urban Decay’s Electric Palette, as well as Chalk from Make Up For Ever. I also switched up the false lashes on the second application because I wasn’t happy with how they turned out in the test run. I love working with bright colours and am looking forward to creating more looks like this in the future.

Test run:

IMG_1213 wm
Final application:

IMG_1913 wm

Beauty School Diary #1

A lot of information has been thrown at me during my first two makeup artist classes, and I’m doing my best to just take it all in. We’ve discussed colour theory, contouring and natural makeup looks, and have also been introduced to face charts (which will take some serious practice). Throughout all my years of schooling, I’ve found I retain information best when I write it out and discuss it.

Here are a few of the helpful tips and tricks I’ve learned so far:

  • Complementary colours (red/green, blue/orange, yellow/violet) make each other stand out when used together, but they also cancel out when layered, which is super handy for concealing skin imperfections. Mix a bit of green corrector into your concealer to cover up red spots, or mix in orange to reduce the blue tint under your eyes.
  • When contouring, use darker shades to minimize specific areas of your face and lighter shades to highlight and draw attention. For example, highlight your cheek bone with a light shade and place a dark shade just under it to create a more defined cheek. You can also blend darker shades along your hairline to make your forehead appear smaller.
  • The key thing to remember when contouring is to use cool tones, not orange-toned bronzers. Bronzers are designed to add warmth to the face, while a cool tone will create more of a natural contoured shadow.
  • When using a variety of liquid, cream and powder cosmetics, the order of application is crucial to your makeup’s staying power. Be sure to apply all liquid and cream products first, set with finishing powder next, and then apply any powder products last.
  • To create a cohesive makeup look, it’s a good idea to keep your blush and lipstick within the same colour family. If you want a peach lip, use peach on your cheeks as well. Products like Benefit’s lip and cheek stains are perfect for matching your lips and cheeks for a well-balanced makeup look.

For more makeup tips and tricks, keep an eye out for my next beauty school diary. Comment below if you have any tips of your own to share!

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